Straight out of the pits of hell…

…and into your living room…


OK, so look, before I present this item in question, let me just say that there are no words that will allow me to express just how demented this is.  Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong about this, from the hands for back feet to the roughspun wool body to the antlers to the human face to its vacant, hellspawn eyes.  Thankfully, the design heroes lightened things up a bit with a delightful spray of flowers.  Anyway.  Behold!  Feast your eyes on the wonder that is…


OK, see if you can figure this out.

One soul-eater, comin' up!

One soul-eater, comin’ up!

I like that there’s detritus around its hand-shaped feet, as though it just clawed its way in to your living room to sit in front of the TV and watch the latest episode of Snooki & Jwoww.  Because you know that show is a mega-hit in Hell.

Dianna, curator extraordinaire, says, “I can’t quite figure out what to say about it without dying inside a little,” and I think that sums it up.  All I have left to add is, WTF?

(photo from imgur)


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