A Thought-Provoking Piece of Iconography

We at the MoWTF strive to constantly provide the most exciting works that we can to you, our visitors.  This is why we’re so thrilled to have found a painting that embraces the abstract ideal to perfection.

Abstract art can be viciously difficult to define.  Says one art blogger, “A simple, common definition of “abstract art” is “not realistic.” Yet many artists who call their work abstract, actually do have a subject in mind when they paint. They take a figure or landscape and simplify it, exaggerate it, or stylize it in some way. They are not trying to imitate nature, but to use nature as a starting off point. Color, line, and form are more important to them than the details of the actual subject matter. They want to give a sense or feel for the subject rather than an exact replication.”

jc abstractBra. Vo!  The artist calls this an “abstract painting of Jesus”.  Yet we can see that the details have been either left behind or profoundly stylized so that the artist can convey his or her message.  This is clearly not Jesus but rather, an almost perfect representation of Timecop villain/actor Ron Silver (who I once said hello to at a hockey game),  crowned with the glorious mane that was Michael Douglas‘s Romancing the Stone hair.

"It is possible to experience a painting in such a way that you go beyond what you see..."

“It is possible to experience a painting in such a way that you go beyond what you see…”

Jesus.  Ruthless time-traveling politician.  Adventurer.  He is risen and READY TO KICK SOME ASS!

Painting found on etsy.



2 thoughts on “A Thought-Provoking Piece of Iconography

  1. This painting is by Akiane Kramarik (who was only 8 years old when she painted the original painting called Prince of Peace, which BTW is much, much better than this abstract that is on your blog). She was featured in many TV shows including Oprah and in the book Heaven is For Real, which is a book about an NDE of a child. Incidentally, Akiane claims to have had several visions of Christ himself who gave her the power to paint realistic imagery and this painting of Christ (though a male model was used) is supposedly very very close to what Jesus Christ actually looks like. The kid who had the NDE also claimed to see Jesus in Heaven and confirmed that Akiane’s portrait is the closest to reality he has seen. I just learnt about this myself about a month ago. Just Google Akiane Kramarik and you’ll be amazed at what you find!

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