Military History Exhibit: Women in Combat

There’s a long-standing debate over whether or not women should be allowed in combat positions in the military.  Are they strong enough physically?  Are they strong enough mentally,  or will they weep girly tears when faced with big, scary guns?  Will they be too busy flirting with their fellow soldiers to pull their weight?  And holy pockets, but who in their right minds wants to be stuck in a foxhole with a woman on her period.  Right, people, amirite?  Amirite?

Well, worry no more!  As the first piece in our ever-growing exhibit on military history, MoWTF proudly presents the perfect solution for women in combat.  Drum roll, please, as we present…

It's the tampon blow gun.

It’s the tampon blow gun.

Ladies, you can now arm yourselves to the vagina in cardboard tampon tubes and PVC piping.  When your weaponry is completely assembled with the tampon-laden bandolero, you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way.  Please note: you ought not to fire tampons that have been worn, not only because of the self-explanatory “ick” factor but also because it will gunk up the works.

I want to know who sat at home designing this li’l beauty, because then I could walk up to that person and say, “Hey, I have to know…WTF?  This is how you spend your time?  Really?”


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