For the Auto Enthusiast

Sometimes, cars can start to smell manky.  It’s not that anything is wrong, particularly (though maybe there is).  But you know.  People sit in them, sweat in them, maybe smoke in them, eat falafel in them (learn from my experience people…mistake!).  In order to help eliminate the accumulated Odor of Life, companies have taken it upon themselves to create air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror.  The pine-tree-shaped car freshener has become iconic in American culture…why?  I’m not sure.  But everyone knows about the little trees and regards them fondly.

Then there is the air freshener that is iconic for other reasons.

Presenting: the Nelson Mandela Air Freshener

Presenting: the Nelson Mandela Air Freshener

Damn, Nelson Mandela!  You smell so good!  Make sure you have this in your car when you go out to buy some Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor.

Daaaaaaaaamn!  It’s crizappy!

Though in all seriousness, I want one of these.  If anyone has a spare Mandela air freshener hanging around, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

And now, a look at the completely random, nonsensical suggested tag from WordPress: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Why did WordPress suggest this?

Honestly, folks?

No friggin’ idea.  But now it’s tagged, so thank you, WordPress!


(Photo taken from Buzzfeed)

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