Fourth Floor: Ladies’ Unforgivables!

Who here has read the Harry Potter books?  I don’t mean one in particular, I mean any one of them.  Because it just takes one casual reading and/or viewing to know that “Avada Kedavra” is the killing curse.  Considered an Unforgivable, “Avada Kedavra” brings instant death to the person against whom it is uttered.  It’s what Voldemort used when he killed Harry’s parents, and it’s what Lucius Malfoy tried to use against Harry himself (though completion of the spell was prevented thanks to Dobby knocking Lucius into next week, but that’s another post for another day).

Go get ’em, Dobby!

Which brings us to our latest exhibit in Things That Ought Not to Go Together.  Fact: it is creepy to combine tween/young adult fiction with lingerie.  For example, I have never seen a Black Beauty codpiece (let that stew in your brain for a while) or an Anne of Green Gables merry widow.

Not that that wouldn’t be interesting.

Also fact: it is creepy to combine sex and death, which is part of my objection to the (hopefully fading) vampire trend.

So in a hellish confluence of bad and creepy ideas, we at the Museum of WTF proudly present:

The Avada Kedavra bra!


deathly pillows etsy

a/k/a The Deathly Pillows

This takes “knockin’ ’em dead in the sack” to a whole new level.

(Sadly, WordPress isn’t giving me completely unrelated suggested tags, so…maybe next time.)

Bra found on Etsy.

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