The Ultimate Pan Flute

Pan is the ancient Greek god of shepherds, fields and wild places.  He’s also associated with rampant, licentious sexuality, seduction, becoming overwhelmed with fear (i.e., “panic“) and music.  Half-goat, half-man, he’s often depicted playing a set of bound reeds called (of course) the pan flute.

Who is that goat-legged fellow, Smithers? I like the cut of his jib.

Tootly-tootly-roo!  But.  Why just play a set of pipes when you can play the whole goat?

Can you feel the licentious sexy?

Says Dianna: I love this. I want to believe the goat was a dear family pet and now, they can have beautiful music together for all eternity. Because any other explanation just makes it a weird ass goat hanging on this guy’s neck as he plays the most annoying music in the world.

Amen, sister.

(image from imgur)