A Very Special Easter WTF

Today is Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend and despite the rampant commercialization of Christmas, the beginning of the primary holiday around which Christian theology is based.  Jesus’s death and resurrection are what showed the world that he was no mere mortal but was instead divinely born.

Among Catholics (and some-but-not-all other Christian denominations), the Sacred Heart is a well-known devotion.  Jesus’s heart, illuminated either by a flame or by some internal, light-causing passion, represents the “unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the heart of Christ towards humanity.”

Nice, right?

This is exactly why the following picture’s WTFery has so much impact.  Consider its importance.  Consider the meaning.  Consider the person who, when faced with a print of Jesus and his blazing heart and its divine representation, thought…you know what this picture needs?

Googly eyes.

He has risen and it is CA-RAZY!

Happy Easter, y’all!


(photo from imgur)